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Manufacturing Process

Econo Pools did intensive investigation of the Choppergun Manufacturing process, and identified certain problems other manufacturing companies were experiencing. Subsequently we managed to iron out these concerns.

Chopper gun process

Chopper gun manufacturing application is the process whereby the fibres and resin are sprayed onto the mould surface at high pressure, eliminating the chances of dry spots. Mixtures of resin and catalyst are preset and controlled, ensuring an accurate and constant ratio throughout.

The fibres in traditional fibreglass chopped strand mat are short, thus ensuring an very effective bond and a structure that is sound over a large surface like a pool, which is essential for strength as the pool is holding tons of water and which is not conducive to de-lamination.

The fibreglass is sprayed onto the mould in ribs, which will overlap, resulting in these overlaps being twice as thick.

Cost effective pools

Because of this technology we are therefore able to manufacture pools at a lower price thus passing the saving onto the buyer.

It is with the help of this process that the name ECONO POOLS was derived.